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*Designed For Auto Manufacture Vehicles-2018-19 FORD Expedition 

The 2019 Ford Edge-The 2019 Ford Focus-The 2019 Ford Connect Van and

THE ALL NEW 2020 Explorer...


*The "FIT CASE" ULTRA Slim Design ALLOWS The iPhone To Charge Wirelessly AND

The USE Of Apple Car Play! .. DUAL Purpose Design-FULL Access To Lighting Port

*Control Sensor AVOIDS Heating Issues Caused By Inductive Wireless Cell Charging

*2 Year Warranty 


*Have Your FORD Dealership STAND OUT From The REST!!


*Improve Your Customers Auto Purchasing Experience!


*ULTIMATE WOW! Factor! For Your Sales Team To Use In Their Presentation!

                 Our "Starter Pak" For Your Dealership (small mix for each iPhone)

*"Fit Cases" For The Apple iPhone 6-6plus-7-7plus * Each One Comes With A Wireless Cell Phone Charging Disk! -  Working Wireless Cell Charging Displays (2) 

So ALL Departments Can Demonstrate This Technology For Customers!

*Call David Rabius, President @ 919-408-9633 for details

                               *Wholesale Pricing ONLY!! Contact Us For Details! 

                                      Samples Can Be Purchased *Comes With Home Charging Disk

                     WE CREDIT BACK COST -If Your Dealership Decides On Carrying Our "STARTER PAK"  

             *NOT Available On Amazon-We ONLY Provide For Auto Dealers- The "Fit Case" MADE For Automotive Manufacture Vehicles

    "If your customers are not aware you carry the "Fit Case"-How would they go about purchasing them?"

David Rabius, President: 919-408-9633

WORKING Wireless Cell Phone Charging Display Stand For The Showroom-Waiting Area-Reception and F&I
2020 Explorer-Wireless Charger


Apple 6-6s-(fits both)

Apple 6plus

Apple 7

Apple 7plus

MUST HAVE For All iPhone Customers

Inside the 2018-2020 FORD Vehicles Highlights Include The Wireless Cell Phone Charger But UNFORTUNATELY Your Customers Apple 6 6plus 7 and 7 plus WILL NOT WORK...We Have The SOLUTION Our Product ALLOWS The Apple iPhone To Be Able To CHARGE WIRELESSLY IN FORD Vehicles! Without Cords or Wires..Turning This Problem Into Profits For The Dealership

PROVIDE FOR DIRECT PURCHASE AT THE DEALERSHIP..So Your Customers Can Use This Technology Right Away Upon Delivery.. For More Info and Wholesale Pricing dartechwireless@gmail.com or Call David @ 919-408-9633







and MANY More Coming 2019-20 Model Years!!

Other Items That Go Perfectly With Our 

Apple iPhone Wireless Fit Cases

MAGNETIC Vent Mount Wireless Cell Charger

Wireless charging function releasing invisible power to get rid of cables.

Wireless Cell Charging Stand

Wireless ArmRest Charging Pad (any auto)

Wireless Stand-Bluetooth Speaker              

ALL In One-Alarm Clock-Wireless Charger-

Bluetooth Speaker-AUX-USB