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Beware Of Cheap Apple iPhone Wireless Phone Covers & Cases

Safety needs vigilance. All products that transfer electrical power inherently have the potential to do harm, and manufacturers must take care to use suitable components and implement safety precautions.

Cheap wireless receiver phone cases are sometimes made with poor quality components that fail to meet safety regulations to cut costs. 

Our Auto Manufacture Designed and Tested and Approved By LEXUS-(we provide for The LEXUS Collection ) Allow The Apple 6-6plus-7 and 7plus iPhones To Be Able To Charge Without A Cord Attached in ALL Auto Manufacture Vehicles With Wireless Cell Phone Charging Technology

"Almost all fake Apple Cases are a safety hazard, tests reveal"

It is highly advised that consumers should check the credibility before purchasing products in order to avoid fake technology.”

"Why You Should Stay Away From Knock-Off Chargers"

“Because fake chargers can be erratic in nature when it comes to supplying electricity, they might just end up nuking your whole phone. Your phone’s processor might end up fried. 

“Don't buy a counterfeit charger; the price is great, but it's not worth risking your expensive iPhone”

Safety Features For Wireless Chargers

The Qi standard for wireless charging mandates the implementation of safety features. These features prevent safety hazards such as:

Risk of device damage

Overheating degrades the battery and shortens battery life. Temperatures above 100°C / 212°F can melt phone cases and potentially damage surfaces in contact with a uncertified charger or a uncertified smartphone cover or case. The Qi specification mandates thermal testing of wireless chargers and mandates effective magnetic shielding of the battery to minimize heating of the battery and mobile phone.

A badly designed wireless charger may induce a high voltage inside mobile phones and other electronic products placed in the vicinity of the wireless charger. High voltages can damage electronic products. The Qi specification mandates magnetic field strength limiting measures that limit the voltages that are induced in other products.


David Rabius, President


Here is a graph from Apple showing  percentage of Apple 6-6plus-7-7plus- users

as you can see customers are keeping their iphones for longer periods of time...

"If your customers are not aware that you carry the FIT CASE how would they go about purchasing the CORRECT item"....